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I have compiled a set of hands that can be used for teaching, supervised play, student practice, novice club duplicate etc.

The set contains 24 hands with sample results and hand records.

Use in class to introduce duplicate play or for making up boards for novice duplicate club and provide hand records at end of session.

Download a set of 24 hands.


At the end of playing each hand, both pairs will score points out of ten depending on how successful they have been compared with the other players who previously played the hand.

The hands were originally played at www.bridgeclublive.com online bridge site, and therefore come with a complete set of results from when they were previously played.

The traveller shows the contract, lead, result and percentage at each table (e.g. 100% would be a top score, 50% average, 0% bottom etc). The percentage is converted to 'points out of ten' for N/S and E/W.

It is essentially a set of random hands (i.e. not biased towards any particular topic), but organised so that each player gets to be declarer about the same number of times.

How to score: Calculate the score (duplicate style) from the point of view of N/S. Find the score in the 'N/S score' column and take points out of ten from the right hand columns. If your score is not on the traveller, take points out of ten between the nearest two scores.


South played in 6D making 12 tricks:

First we calculate the score from the point of view of N/S so it's 920 including the slam bonus.

Then we look for a score of 920 in the N/S column and read across to the right to see how many points out of ten it gives us: Seven.

If the score is not on the sheet, say South made 13 tricks for a score of 940 (West must have discarded his Ace!), we look for the nearest scores. 940 is in between 920 and 990 so our points would be 8.5 out of ten.


Duplicate Traveller