MiniBridge Part 2 - Improving your game

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Plan the Play (NT) Part 3 Finessing, The Plan


Key points:

  1. Finessing does not guarantee tricks, but it gives us a chance of winning a trick with a card that otherwise would not win.
  2. If we are missing the king, we generally lead a small card towards the queen (hoping the king is the hand before the queen),

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Play hands - Finessing


Key points:

  1. If we are missing the ace, we generally lead a small card towards the king hoping the ace is in the hand before the king.
  2. We play a high card only if we are happy for it to be covered, for example if we have the next two cards ready to be promoted.
  3. Occasionally the opening lead can give us a 'free finesse'.
  4. Its good to be in the habit of looking for overtricks as long as this does not risk the contract.

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Play hands - More finessing

  1. Make sure to play top winners in the right order (high card from the short side first) to avoid getting cut off from winners in the other hand.
  2. If we need to lose the lead to promote tricks it's generally better to do so early while we can still win back the lead in other suits.
  3. Keep track of how many cards are left when setting up a long suit by counting them down. 
  4. Try to keep track of high cards not yet played in each suit.


Key points:

  1. First count top winners.
  2. Identify sources of extra tricks.
  3. Consider what could go wrong.
  4. Put together the plan. Keep the plan simple, we need to remember it until we have finished.

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