MiniBridge Part 1 - Learning to Play

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Playing with others

We have now seen the basics of the game. There are just a few more things to note about what to do with the cards when you are playing with other people.


Key points:

  1. After the contract is chosen, dummy rearranges the cards so that trumps are to the declarer's left.
  2. In a suit contract, this is a helpful reminder of what trumps are!



Definition reminder: A deal means all the four hands, i.e. all 52 cards.

Key points:

  1. At the end of a trick each player places the card they played face down in front of themselves:
       - vertically if they won the trick
       - horizontally if they lost the trick.
    This is sometimes referered to as 'soldiers and corpses'.
  2. Saving the tricks as 'soldiers and corpses' is useful if we want to discuss the hands afterwards.
  3. It is also useful for teachers who want to use the same deal for different classes or at clubs where the same deal will be played at different tables.
  4. Collecting up the four cards in the trick is more common for some kinds of social games.


This was the last lesson.  You can print a glossary of all the terms introduced in the course from here



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