MiniBridge Part 1 - Learning to Play

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Introduction to scoring

Before discussing chosing the contract it is important to have some understanding of how scoring works in MiniBridge.   Someone once said that learning bridge (or MiniBridge) without introducing scoring is like learning to play football without the goal posts!

In this lesson we'll learn about:

  • how many points are scored for tricks won.
  • the concept of game and part score contracts. 
  • how many points are scored for bonuses.

Don't worry if you don't remember everything the first time round - there are quite a few facts and figures.  The main thing is to learn that some denominations and types of contract are more valuable than others.


Scroll down for the lesson video.


Key points:

  1. Declarer only scores points if they make the contract.
  2. The first six tricks won don’t score any points.
  3. All the subsequent tricks won do score points.
  4. Points per trick vary by denomination:
    and         20 points per trick
    and         30 points per trick
    No Trumps    40 points for the seventh trick and 30 for subsequent tricks.


Key points:

  1. All contracts that are made score bonus points in addition to points from tricks.
  2. If points for the tricks specified in the contract add up to 100 or more, there is a Game bonus of 300 points if the contract is made.
  3. If points for the tricks specified in the contract add up to less than 100, there is still a Part Score bonus of 50.
  4. If we can't get the game bonus there is no point in choosing a contract for more than seven tricks.
  5. Points scored for overtricks don’t count towards the game bonus.

Hand to Play

Here is a hand to play so you can see the score at the end of the play. 

The contract is 9 tricks in No Trumps (we'll learn how the contract is choosen in the next lesson).    Play the hand and see how you get on. 

At the end of the play click on 'Show Solution'.


The score is then shown in the centre box.


Click on 'Show Me' to see how the score is calculated.







Play hand to see how scoring works

You may find it helpful to view the lesson videos a second time before taking the end of lesson quiz.  Scroll up to find the videos.

You can also print a sheet of the scoring basic facts and figures here

Scoring Handout

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