MiniBridge Part 1 - Learning to Play

Lesson 2 of 5.

Overview of MiniBridge and playing first hands


Key points:

  1. MiniBridge is a game for 4 players.
  2. The 4 players play as two partnerships.
  3. Partners collaborate to be successful together, not as individuals.
  4. One partnership chooses a contract.
  5. The contract may be played with one of the suits at trumps (clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades) or in No Trumps. This is called the 'denomination'.
  6. The contract promises to get at minimum number of tricks in the chosen denomination.
  7. The player who chooses the contract is the declarer.
  8. The other partnership are called the defenders.
  9. If the contract is 'made' the declaring side score points.
  10. If the contract is defeated ('goes down') the defenders score points.

Scroll down for some quick questions to practice the things we have just learned.

Question 1 of 5. #12

How many players take part in a game of minibridge?

Question 2 of 5. #24

Who is East's partner?

Question 3 of 5. #208

A contract is always played with one of the suits as trumps.

Question 4 of 5. #210

What do we call the person who plays the contract?

Question 5 of 5. #209

We only score points if we make exactly the number of tricks specified by the contract.


Key points:

  1. High Card Points (HCPs) are counted A=4, K=3, Q=2, J=1.
  2. There are 40 HCPs in each deal.
  3. The higher hand of the higher partnership is declarer (chooses contract).
  4. Declarer's partner (dummy) lays down their cards.
  5. Declarer choses the contract (denomination and number of tricks).
  6. Player to the left of declarer leads for the first trick.

Scroll down for a short activity to practice the things we have just learned.


Demonstration Hand

Let's look at a hand being played. Afterwards you will play the hand yourself.

Note: For the videos we have used simplified cards for better readability. They will also look like this if you are playing on a smart phone.   If you are playing on a tablet or computer the cards will look like normal playing cards.


Now you can play the same hand.

Note that when the defenders win a trick click on the cards in the centre (the trick just played) to start the next trick.

Good luck partner!


Play the No Trump Demo hand

Here's a couple more  No Trump hands to try.  

Play two more No Trump contracts

Now let's looks a a contract played with a trump suit.


Now its your turn to play the hand.

Good luck partner!

Play the demonstration hand - 10 tricks in Spades

Try a couple more hands where the contract has been chosen with a trump suit.

Play two more suit contracts

End of Lesson 2

That's the end of the second lesson. Now we have covered the basic idea of MiniBridge and tried playing a few different hands.

The next lesson will cover how to choose the contract.

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