MiniBridge Part 1 - Learning to Play

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Trick-taking card games


Welcome to the No Fear Bridge MiniBridge course.  You are about to start your journey towards learning bridge, one of the worlds most fascinating card games.




Scroll down and start the first video by selecting the 'play' button.




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We can click or tap on the video while it plays to show the player controls. These controls allow us to pause the video or drag the progress bar back to see something again.  The videos also have a 'closed caption' (subtitles) option.



Key points:

  1. We use a standard deck of 52 cards.
  2. The 4 suits are Clubs , Diamonds , Hearts , and Spades .
  3. Cards rank in order 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A.  Ace is always high.
  4. Cards are dealt and each player gets 13 cards which is their 'hand'.
  5. The 4 hands form a 'deal'.
  6. Each player plays one card in turn clockwise round the table.
  7. The 4 cards make a 'trick'.
  8. We have to play a card of the same suit as the first card of that trick if we have one (this is called 'following suit').
  9. If we can’t follow suit, we can play any card.

Scroll down for some quick questions to practice the things we have just learned.

Question 1 of 4. #102

Which suit is this:

Question 2 of 4. #11

How many Aces are there in a pack of cards?

Question 3 of 4. #28

In whist and bridge the two is higher than the Ace.

Question 4 of 4. #118

Following suit means playing a ...


Key points:

  1. If everyone follows suit, the highest ranking card wins that trick.
  2. The winner of a trick leads for the next trick.
  3. Some deals have a trump suit.
  4. Cards of the trump suit beat all cards of the other suits.
  5. A higher trump card beats a lower trump card.
  6. Deals with a trump suit are played 'in' that suit.
  7. Deals without a trump suit are played 'in No Trumps'.

Scroll down for some quick questions to practice the things we have just learned.

Question 1 of 3. #115

After a trick is completed, who leads a card for the next trick?

Question 2 of 3. #116

Deals without a trump suit are said to be played ...

Question 3 of 3. #119

If we cannot follow suit ...


A Hand to Play

Now it's time to play your first game taking tricks.

First watch the short video below which introduces our card table.


Remember, don't worry about how many tricks you win or lose.  This is just to get to practice the things we have learned in this lesson. 

You can play cards from both the top and bottom hands.  Here is a quick reminder of the actions you can do.






Click the 'Start' button below to start playing.  You will be playing the hand with no trumps.

Practice playing tricks with no trumps.

Here is another hand to play.  This time there is a trump suit which is hearts.

Practice playing tricks with hearts as trumps.

End of Lesson 1

That's the end of the first lesson. Well done!

In the next lesson we introduce MiniBridge and play a few more hands.

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