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A great way to learn bridge online is the No Fear Bridge member's site.

When learning anything and particularly bridge, the key is to practise regularly. The member's site is available 24/7 so you can practise at any time of day that suits you!

Improve your bridge bidding, declarer play and defence with just 20 minutes a day on one of the online learning actvities.


Opening Bid of 1NT 12-14 points.
Opening Bid of
1 or 1
Only needs 4 cards.


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Bridge Lessons.

Never played bridge before? Try our free MiniBridge lessons. Take your first MiniBridge lesson now and be playing within minutes! Lesson 1

Learn Minibridge is No Fear Bridge's free online website for complete beginners!

MiniBridge is a simplified version of the game of bridge. It was first developed in France and the Netherlands as an introduction to bridge for schoolchildren and was soon acknowledged as an excellent game in its own right.

It is now widely used as the introduction to bridge for learners of all ages around the world. English Bridge Union teachers start their all adult learning courses with MiniBridge.

MiniBridge enables you to start playing bridge right away without having to know all the rules for bidding. Everything you learn in MiniBridge is relevant to bridge i.e. counting your points, how to play a declarer hand, defending, scoring etc. It's a great way to get started!

Take your first MiniBridge lesson now at Learn Minibridge and be playing within minutes!

Print free beginner's booklet. Beginner's Bridge

Minibridge is easy and quick to learn. Get together with some friends and try it (it's possible to play with just three people) or try it with your family or grandchildren. It's an excellent game for children as it uses arithmetic, memory and reasoning.


You can also learn bridge with American Style bidding (SAYC) with five card majors and strong No Trump.

Now our sister site www.nofearbridge.com allows you to learn and practise the American style Five Card Majors bidding system used in most parts of the world.

No obligation free trial available so that you can get started now with interactive and fun learning actvities.

Go to www.nofearbridge.com

Opening Bid of 1NT 15-17 points.
Opening Bid of
1 or 1
Must be at least 5 cards.


No Fear Bridge is a great way to learn bridge online. It's like having a teacher over your shoulder 24/7!

Another good way to learn bridge is to find a bridge teacher and join a class. Having bridge lessons with a group of people is a very enjoyable and sociable way to learn. You can find a comprehensive directory of bridge teachers on the English Bridge Union website, EBU teachers.

There is also a list of teachers on our Bridge Near You page.

BUT don't expect to become a bridge player just by turning up to your class once a week. This won't work! You need to put in some time between the classes to consolidate what you have learned in the lesson and to get some practice.

If you are unable to make a regular commitment to a class or perhaps you want to start learning right now (a lot of beginners classes only start in September), it is possible to learn on your own especially with the help of internet resources.

Try our 'Learn Mini Bridge' site for complete beginners, or take the Member's site free trial if you already know a little bridge


Once you have learned the basics (whether you are learning in a class or on your own) the next step is practise, practise, practise! Here are some suggestions for practising:

Get together with a foursome and play some randomly dealt hands.

Use the Basic Bidding Flash Cards. These are useful for checking you really know the basic facts and point counts. If you spend just a few minutes every day on these you will soon have a sound knowledge of basic Acol bidding and be a popular partner!

Find a 'No Fear' club or other novice bridge club. These clubs are especially for learners. You will be reassured to find other learners in the same situation as yourself. Novice Clubs.