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There are 70 cards with a bidding question on the front and answer and tips on the back. Here are a few sample cards.

Answer the question then click on the card to reveal the answer. Click 'Next' for more cards.


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Overcalling Flash Cards Online

As a member you can create your own personal set of online cards on topics of your choice. Work though them just like physical Flash Cards, eliminating the the ones you already know and focusing on weaknesses.

Saves your position at end of session so you can restart later where you left off.

Practise Acol Bidding Flash Cards

A fun way of practising the basic AcolThese flash cards use the Acol (Standard English) bidding system. If you are looking for Standard American bidding flash cards try this site: bidding sequences. No need for a partner or foursome! Convenient to carry, ideal for passing the time in trains, waiting rooms etc!

By working though them as Flash Cards ( HowShuffle the cards and place in a pile in front of you. Work through each card answering the question on the front of the card. If you get the answer right place the card on a separate pile.

If you get the answer wrong, first read the information on the back of the card, then place the card on the bottom of the main pile so that you later repeat this card. Keep working through the cards until you have answered them all correctly!
) you focus on the topics that need most consolidation and don't waste time on ones you already know.

Work on specific topics by sorting the card into colours:


Opening Bids


Responses to 1NT


Responses to One of a Suit


Opener's Rebids

The cards have a durable laminated finish, they are packaged in a solid clear plastic box and include instructions, tips and crib cards.

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