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About Duplicate Teams

The following information describes a typical teams match that would be played at home between two teams of four players

A typical teams match played at home between two teams:

A match is played between two teams of four - eight players in all. Each team consists of two partnerships.  During the match, each pair plays against both the pairs from the other team.

The same boards are played at both tables so that team mates can compare scores at the end. Team-mates add together their scores and convert to IMPS. The winner is the team with the highest IMPs.

Swiss Teams

The principle is much the same for Swiss Teams except that in Swiss Teams:

a) the matches are much shorter - usually 6 - 8 boards

b) pairs only plays against one pair of the other team


If you've never played teams before you might like to try it!

You will need 12 duplicate wallets or 'boards'.

Scorecards can be printed below.

Below you can print instructions giving full details on how to play a
twelve board teams match at home.

The instructions include:

Seating arrangements

How to layout the boards

How to score and convert to IMPs with worked examples

IMPs conversion table