Four Card Majors
1NT 12-14



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'Counting at Bridge' by Mike Lawrence as a great tutorial program on Declarer Play.

Mike Lawrence is a leading American* bridge writer and teacher. This software is not for complete beginners, but is excellent material for improvers through to club players. The program takes you through over 100 set hands and presents you with a series of questions on things you should be thinking about and should have noticed (!) and provides over-the-shoulder advice.

Learn to notice and recall vital information from the bidding and play to help you make winning decisions. Certain to improve your play! It will show you how to start thinking like an expert bridge player.

'Counting at Bridge' is only £29.99 at No Fear Bridge shop.

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The example hand I have chosen shows you how to work out which way to take a two way finesse. In the demo below only the forward arrow button is enabled.

*Since the program is created by an American author, the bidding system used is Standard American (5 cards majors and strong No Trump). This is not a problem as you aren't bidding the hands and all the bid are explained.

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