Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Tuesday morning
9.00 - 10.50 or 12

Improvers 2. Class nearly full so contact Jean on jeanbenson@uwclub.net before enrolling
5 lessons starting 22nd September
Tutor: Jean Benson
Topics: Stayman; 1NT Overcall. Interactive Online Hands: Defence against NT; Declarer Play topics: Ducking; Ruffing in dummy, finessing
Level 2
Thursday morning
10.30 - 11.10

IMPROVERS 3 suehanrahan@outlook.com for details
10 lessons starting 3rd September
Tutor: Sue Hanrahan
Topics: Weak2s, Negative Doubles, Transfers, 1NT overcall,4441 hands, Blackwood Slams
Level 3

If you would like more details or to discuss which class is best for you please contact one of the teachers. Contact details are on the booking forms.

0 Complete beginner.
1 You are in first year of learning bridge or have played some bridge in the past.
2 You are in second year of learning bridge or are currently playing a little social bridge.
3 You are in third year or fourth year of learning bridge. You will be playing regular social bridge or you have some experience of playing duplicate bridge at a novice club or other duplicate bridge club. 
You have a sound knowledge of the basic bidding sequences.
4+ You have completed 4 years of bridge classes. You are playing regular duplicate bridge a a club.